Safe & Sound Achieve an All Ireland Centre of Excellence Award

Mary Doyle, Director General for Office of Minister for Children & Youth Affairs, presented the All Ireland Centre Of Excellence Award to Safe & Sound Day Nursery in the beautiful setting of the Royal Hospital Kilmainham on Saturday April 9, 2011.

Director General, Mary Doyle congratulated all services on their achievement and their commitment  and dedication to quality in the early years sector.  Teresa Heeney, NCNA Director of Services points out : “This award will demonstrate to parents, visitors and members of the public, a commitment to quality and sucess in implementing and maintaining consistently high standards of excellence.  The All Ireland Centre of Excellence recognises that quality covers many criteria-easy to assess factors such as record keeping, adherence to statutory space requirements and adult child ratio etc. Other elements are harder to assess, such as interactions, relationships and partnership with parents, making site visits from NCNA or Early Years an essential part of the validation process.

Displaying this new quality mark will further assure parents that their children are being cared for in a high quality environment and acknowledges the hard work and investment that the services have put into delivering quality services for children’, concluded Ms Heeney.

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